Dare To Be King

Dare to Be King

Dare to Be King is one of our most effective programs for engaging young men from 6th-8th grades by providing conflict resolution skills, youth leadership development, as well as equipping youth with the developmental tools to make good decisions in a world with many negative influences.  YMEN’s Dare To Be King program is in three schools (Dvorak Elementary, Mason Elementary, and Chicago Westside Christian School) working with sixth, seventh and eighth grade youth.  YMEN also offers “Dare to Be Queen” for young women led by Sharona Drake, the Director of PEARL.

Dare to Be King and Dare to Be Queen will provide wrap-around academic support, as well as, social/emotional support for over 90 students each week!

The curriculum is designed by the Urban Leadership Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.  The 40-session program includes units in:

  • Understanding the masculine role in broader society
  • How peer pressure influences one’s decisions
  • Defining one’s values
  • Violence in the home, in the hood, and in the world
  • Weapons and their detrimental role in conflict management
  • Influence of the “gangster lifestyle” on today’s youth
  • Dealing with difficult emotions
  • Understanding street law and its misconceptions
  • The role of rap music within the culture
  • Coping with grief and loss

The program is led by Michael Trout, YMEN’s Executive Director, a graduate of Wheaton College who has been working in the area of youth leadership development in North Lawndale for more than 20 years.

For more information about the curriculum, visit the Dare to Be King website.